Prawn & Haddock Fish Burger!!

Prawn & Haddock Burger



  • 150g, Raw King Prawns
  • 160g, Haddock
  • 60g, Onion
  • 40 g, Haddock, smoked
  • 1 clove, Garlic Cloves


Put all of the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until they mix together. Take out of the food processor and put the mixture into a bowl, season well and add a teaspoon of dried parsley.  mix together with your hands. once its all mixed together you can start making the patties.  Using a burger press make the mixture into 3 patties, if you don’t have a burger press, use your hands or even a round cookie cutter.  

put the patties into the fridge for 10 minutes at the very minimum to chill and firm up.  once they have chilled, lightly fry them for a minute either side before transferring them to the oven (180c) for another ten minutes to finish off.  Serve in buns with a good dollop of Tartar sauce and enjoy!


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