Nancy’s Ginger and Honey Marinated Salmon, September 11th 2012

Nancy’s Ginger and Honey Marinated Salmon



–          4 pieces of Salmon

–          Fresh Ginger

–          Runny Honey

–          Olive Oil

–          Pak Choi (or other green vegetable)



–          Mix together the ginger and the honey (as much as you judge to be a good combination for the tasebuds) and add a splash of olive oil. This makes the marinade a little runnier and will also soak into the fish, making cooking easier.

–          Coat the salmon with the marinade and leave for at least 20 minutes or overnight. Any length of time works for this marinade – you can work it around what you need to do.

–          When you’re ready to cook your fish, simply put it all into a hot frying pan or wok and make sure it is well cooked. The honey will make it go lovely and crispy on the edges and the oil in the marinade negates the need for any oil in the pan.

–          You can steam your greens, but I like to throw mine into the pan I cooked the salmon in to quickly stir fry in the remaining marinade in the pan. For the ultimate decadent-come-comfort-food I put this all with mashed potato.



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