Sea Bass Recipe from Hong Kong


Grilled Pesto Sea Bass with Crushed Potatoes and French Beans


So, I’ve been in Hong Kong since January, and I have seen some wonderful things and tasted some truly amazing dishes. This one rates mention as it is by far one of the tastiest meals I have had whilst being here.  The setting ‘Libertine’ was a French style cafe/dinner and made for a pleasant dining experience, the service was truly second to none, no sooner had I sat down, I had a bottle of mineral water delivered to my table and was asked what I would like to drink and also whether the background music in the restaurant was too loud for my liking.  I said it was fine as it was, but they insisted on turning it down for me anyway.  After a short wait the Bass I had ordered arrived, the presentation really made you want to dive in and get started which is exactly what I did.  The Bass was perfectly cooked with the pesto and grapefruit wedge (something I never would have thought have putting with fish, it always lemon in The UK but trust me it was very good indeed) adding all the seasoning the dish required.  The crushed potatoes and French beans also cooked to perfection contrasted expertly with the soft flesh of the fish and once finished left a warm contented feeling inside and so I urge you to try it at home!  It is a nice simple dish that’s easy and quick to make the ingredients are;




–          2 Fillets Sea Bass


–          400g New/Salad Potatoes


–          French Beans


–          Tomato <finely chopped>


–          2 tablespoons Pesto


–          2 wedges of pink grapefruit


–          Salt and Pepper to season


<Serves 2>




–          Boil the potatoes and French beans until cooked


–          Keep warm on a low heat


–          Take the Bass fillets and oil a baking sheet


–          Season the baking sheet and lay the fillets skin side down


–          Grill until flesh turns opaque


–          Turn the fillets and crisp the skin


–          Spread the pesto on both flesh sides of the fillets


–          Put back under the grill for 20secs


–          Crush the potatoes with a little butter

–          Garnish the fillets with the chopped tomoatoes


–          Season and serve.





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